About us

AJ Personnel is a well-established recruitment organization, operating since 1987 and specializing in the recruitment of permanent and contract. AJ Personnel delivers customized and specialised staffing solutions, tailored to suit clients and candidates needs. We take a career approach to the provision of employment services.

The company has long standing relationships with a broad base of local and international clients in industries such as Commercial Property Management, Financial Services, Banking, IT, FMCG, Retail, Household Goods, Furniture and Bedding Manufacturing, Engineering, Healthcare, Healthcare Research, Academics, Logistics, Building Materials, Metering Solutions, Hospitality Industry, Chemical Industry, Timber Industry, Agriculture etc. These include more than 30 listed companies.

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Our Objective

AJ Personnel has a pro-active approach to recruitment and its well-established network of contacts gives it access to top achievers across a range of markets.  AJ Personnel has a comprehensive applicant database and uses head-hunting as a recruitment tool extensively, as well as advertising on various job portals, social media and various other technologies, in order to attract top quality candidates, active and passive job seekers. 

AJ Personnel understands the importance of different corporate cultures when recruiting suitable staff for clients. We integrate individual business needs and processes with Human Resource needs and processes, inclusive of specific organizational culture.  AJ Personnel has a thorough understanding of the market place, inclusive of Human Resources and business processes.  AJ Personnel is client, service and candidate oriented.  AJ Personnel always briefs our candidates on our client as well as providing them with the correct job profile and physical direction.  AJ Personnel is highly flexible in our approach with regards to the commission structure inclusive of customization. AJ Personnel has long-standing relationships (between ten and thirty two years duration) with various organizations, and references are available in this regard.

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