About Us

AJ Personnel's Approach

AJ Personnel focuses on the quality of our recruitment, screening and selection processes. Our referencing procedure includes validation of work experience, performance standards and qualification as well as criminal and credit checks.


  • To be professional, with continuous client support, and to meet and exceed Recruitment needs or Human Resources Solutions.
  • To market our clientele in such a way as to attract top quality candidates.
  • To develop and improve the relationship between the client and the candidate.
  • To give special attention to the culture, outline and structure of the company and team that the candidate may join.
  • To be a reliable and high-integrity supplier of top quality candidates.
  • Owner management with a specific focus on long-standing client relationships.


  • The company is managed in such a manner that it can provide flexibility in its service offerings and commission structure. Business ethics, integrity and values are the foundations on which the company and its brand name are built. This can be verified by our long standing clientele.
  • "Quality service rendered by quality personnel is a basic point of competitive difference in any industry typified by product similarity."
  • Innovative approaches and a continuous improvement of mindset enable us to offer different recruitment solutions.

BEE Status

AJ Personnel is committed to an employment environment that provides equal opportunities for all employees, in line with the Employment Equity Act of 1998 and the Labour Relations Act of 1995. AJ Personnel has been rated by EmpowerLogic as a Level 3 Contributor.